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Doctors Jones and Hunnicutt utilize many different adjusting techniques including:

· Activator      · Thompson Drop      · Full Spine      · SOT

These techniques allow them to specifically target and work with; TMJ, Disc Problems, Arthritis, Headaches and more.

Nutrition  ~ After years of practice it became obvious that some back pain did not respond fully to Chiropractic care alone. We learned that many times this is pain referred from an organ or a visceral-somatic reflex. Most people understand that a kidney infection can cause back pain but other organs such as adrenals or gall bladder can cause back pain also. Studying “nutritional response testing” has allowed us to determine the different causes of back pain and support the healing process with nutrition.

The nutritional products we use are produced with purity in mind and many are only available through professionals.

· Standard Process      · Marco-Pharma      · Systemic Formulas     · Nordic Naturals

Frequency Specific Micro ~ The study of quantum physics and the newer field of quantum biology have shown us that we not only have mass, momentum, inertia and gravity, but we are also an electromagnetic system. Our particles sometimes have mass and sometimes behave as waves of energy. Scientists have established that the bio electric field produced by these linked electrical potentials is responsible for intracellular communicators and tissue repair. FSM uses micro current frequencies to mimic the body’s natural energy and speed healing.

Massage ~ One of the oldest healing arts. Our experienced, trained and licensed therapists, Deborah Huntley and Brittney Sewell are available by appointment during clinic hours.

Cold Laser Therapy ~ This therapy technique has been proven to provide pain relief and reduce damage due to injury and loss of function.

Allergy Testing and Consultation ~ The Alcat is the most effective and comprehensive sensitivity/intolerance test available.

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