Sports Injury

Why Every Athlete Should See a Sports Injury Chiropractor

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury while playing sports or engaging in recreational activities, it’s a wise idea to see a chiropractor. Unfortunately, without proper treatment, your pains may linger, and your injuries may never fully heal. By seeing a sports injury chiropractor, you may be able to enjoy instant relief while also laying the foundation for long-term healing.  Dr. Julie Hunnicutt and Dr. Wendy Jones at Restore Chiropractic Roswell are ready to help patients in the Roswell, GA, area.

Sports Can Result in Lasting Injuries

Playing sports is generally a fantastic idea as it’ll help you stay in shape and work out muscles. However, there’s a serious risk that you could end up colliding with something, might over-exert yourself, or otherwise suffer an injury. Sports, by nature, are intensely kinetic, and as a result, physical injuries are somewhat common. Indeed, recreational and sports activities result in roughly 8.6 million injuries per year. Come see Dr. Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones at Restore Chiropractic Roswell if you're looking for a sports injury chiropractor in Roswell, GA.

Often, when you suffer an injury, your muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues can be knocked out of alignment. This can result in lasting aches because the misalignment could be straining muscles and putting pressure on nerves. The end result? Seemingly endless pain. While medications can mask such aches, the pain will all but inevitably return when the medications wear off.

With chiropractic care, there’s no need to rely solely on medications. Further, chiropractors work to address underlying problems. This means ensuring proper alignment of the spine, joints, and other tissues. Once everything is properly aligned, you’ll often suffer much less strain and pressure. Additionally, your body will have an easier time healing once everything is in proper alignment.

If you’ve suffered an injury while engaging in a recreational activity, you should see a chiropractor right away. The longer you wait, the more pain you’ll experience. There’s also a risk that your condition will worsen.

Improve In-Game Performance

Besides relieving pain and stimulating healing, a chiropractor can also help you increase sports performance. Often, this starts with helping injuries heal. Even a slight injury could dramatically reduce your performance on the field or court. Beyond healing injuries, chiropractors can also teach you stretches and exercises that will increase strength, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of future injuries. Searching for a sports injury chiropractor in Roswell, GA? Contact Dr. Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones at Restore Chiropractic Roswell by calling (770) 993-0040.

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