Food Sensitivity Testing

Food and nutrients are a large part of our daily lives and can significantly impact our overall health, positively or negatively. Dr. Julie Hunnicutt and Dr. Wendy Jones at Restore Chiropractic, serving Roswell, GA, offer an interdisciplinary chiropractic approach, including food sensitivity testing, to help you establish the best way forward for your daily and overall nutrition and better health.

What Is Food Sensitivity Testing?

Food sensitivity testing is testing whether you are sensitive to certain foods that may be triggering an immune response or a set of unpleasant symptoms generally believed to be driven by the antibodies that are part of your immune system. It is essential to understand that food sensitivity differs from food intolerances or allergies, and the symptoms vary. The most noticeable difference between food sensitivity and a food allergy is that an allergic reaction is generally immediate and can be life-threatening.

Types of Food Sensitivity Testing

There are several ways of performing a food sensitivity test, including using hair, blood, or fecal matter samples. The test may be an immunoglobulin-G or antibody test, or it may test blood cells.

Dr. Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones at Restore Chiropractic, serving Roswell, GA, use the ALCAT or Leukocyte activation test to check for food sensitivity. The ALCAT test measures cellular reactions to over 450 substances that may trigger chronic inflammation. This test has a 24-year-long history of helping healthcare providers and patients determine whether food sensitivities contribute negatively to your overall health.

What to Expect During an ALCAT Test

An ALCAT test is a simple process for the patient and involves drawing a blood sample. After that, the sample is sent off to the correct lab. The blood is tested using an impedance methodology-based flow cytometer which measures the appropriate cells’ response to a substance. The results will be returned in an easy-to-understand format, after which you and your healthcare provider can discuss a way forward. This test suits patients of all ages and can contribute to successful nutritional planning.

Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing integrates well as part of a holistic health regime, including beneficial chiropractic therapies and nutritional planning. It can help you identify and cut out foods that are affecting you negatively and may be causing an inflammatory response in your body. Additionally, food sensitivity can contribute to preventing long-term and severe illnesses that may result from chronic inflammation, like fatigue, diabetes, headaches, and arthritis.

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