September 30, 2011

To: Whom it may concern

For over ten years, my wife and I suffered from severe chronic problems associated with the lower back and neck.  We have seen chiropractors in several states in attempts to manage the pain.

In April of 2011, I located our headquarters in the office complex adjacent to Dr Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones. This was a win for us as we soon visited this professional group.

Without exception, this is the most knowledgeable, dedicated & caring group of professionals that we have ever come in contact with.  While we have not totally eliminated the back & neck problems, our physical health has become much more manageable and we are even now starting to experience some pain free days.
In closing, this has been an extraordinary experience and we are truly grateful to Dr Jones, Dr. Hunnicutt & the staff for their endess passion for playing a significant role in our improved health.
I welcome any calls regarding our experience.

Best Regards,

David R. Striplin

President & CEO
Floorbarrier, Inc.

November 21, 2011

I just wanted to complement both Dr. Jones and Dr. Hunnicutt on their expert Chiropractic services.  I have seen many Chiropractors in my life, but I have never felt this good until I started coming to Restore Chiropractic Roswell a few years ago. The Doctors always take the time needed to get to the root of the problem and the adjustments are pain free.

Usually I am in and out of the clinic quickly and feel great when I leave, but today was the best visit ever!  The fascia release procedure for my muscles was fantastic!  Working the muscles along with the spinal adjustment has helps keep me in tune and feeling great.  The fascia release felt like a deep massage and helped tremendously.   I am not sure why all the other Chiropractors I have seen over the years never did this procedure, but I am hooked now.  I am so happy to be a patient.

If anyone needs a reference on your services, please have them contact me!


Jack Kaplan
Roswell, Ga.

I am going to begin my testimonial by saying, “I am not a subscriber to chiropractic medicine”.  It isn’t that I don’t believe in its value; it is that I don’t have the time.  I am well aware that chiropractic treatment involves a commitment. I hold down two jobs, am a mother, a wife, and have little time left over to enjoy the things I choose to do much less frequent a doctor’s office.  After a fall off a rock edge over a year ago left me with a knee that required total reconstructive surgery and a hip that was chronically hurting I found that my new health situation required me to be in a doctor’s office.  There was no way around it.  I followed the path of traditional medicine, had my knee fixed, attended multiple physical therapy sessions and, thankfully, made a full recovery….almost.  Once my knee pain faded more into the background I realized my hip was continuously bothering me.  Worse still, the pain seemed to be escalating as I continued to ignore it.  Again, I sought-after a quick fix and went to a pain management specialist.  I was given cortisone shots, attended physical therapy, and had pain medication to assist me as I worked on getting it to feel normal.   I would have even settled for “hurt less” after a year.  I continued with my treatments for several months and substituted about 8 – 12 Advil a day for my pain medication because I simply couldn’t function.  It was apparent after sleepless nights and the frequent trips required to keep the ibuprofen stocked became the norm that my plan of attack was not working.  A subsequent fall on my hip exaggerated the pain and now my quality of life – even my tolerance and ability to deal with simple life tasks became a challenge. I decided to give Restore Chiropractic an opportunity.   My complaints were listened to and a new plan of action was put in to place that combined fascia work, total body adjustments, and massage (let me be clear – this is no spa massage) on a regular basis.  I was honestly informed this would be a process.  I was presenting an injury that was over a year old that had been recently re-injured, and was taking too much medication.  The commitment needed to come from me to follow through regularly both with appointments and stretches prescribed at home.  Initially I was frustrated at the seeming lack of improvement but after about 6 weeks at 1 – 2 visits a week I noticed my pain subsiding.  Today, 8 weeks later, I feel as though it is …gone.  Ironically, in looking back, I spent less time at the chiropractor’s office than I did at orthopedists, physical therapists, at  home – discontinuing daily activities because I hurt.  More importantly, the results produced are permanent – not band aids.  I am happy to say I haven’t taken any ibuprofen in weeks, am sleeping soundly and am back to life.  I will accordingly end my testimonial by stating, “I am a subscriber to chiropractic”! 

Thank you Dr. Wendy and Dr. Julie (and Rene) for ‘setting me straight’ – no pun intended!


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