Nutrition Planning

Located in Roswell, GA, Restore Chiropractic Roswell offers comprehensive chiropractic care for every member of your family. Chiropractic care is known to benefit infants, children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. Dr. Julie Hunnicutt and Dr. Wendy Jones use a holistic approach that includes nutrition planning and food sensitivity testing.

Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Hunnicut and Dr. Jones understand how nutritional deficiencies cause acute and chronic ailments throughout the human body, including back pain. Nutritional response testing is an approach that helps to identify issues that originate in your organs or reflect a visceral-somatic reflex. Food sensitivity is another issue that we evaluate to reduce inflammation and toxins in your body.

Benefits of Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition response testing as part of a holistic medicine approach provides several benefits, such as:

  • Locating energy blocks
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, and food sensitivities
  • Improving mood and cognitive function
  • Reducing toxicities in your body
  • Providing nutritional support for chronic health conditions

Using Nutritional Planning to Identify Stressors

Food has the ability to keep us healthy. Eating the wrong foods, though, has the opposite effect. You may actually stress your body rather than support its requirements to feel good and perform well. Nutritional planning helps by identifying specific stressors, such as:

  • Immune deficiencies
  • Food allergies
  • Presence of heavy metals
  • Chemical toxins

What to Expect from Nutritional Planning

After we identify the beneficial and detrimental effects of your current diet, we will work with you to determine how you can provide your body with more nutritionally-appropriate foods. Part of nutrition planning involves education about how to prepare meals that contain the best nutrients, as well as how to adapt your body’s needs to your lifestyle. Dr. Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

How Nutritional Planning Enhances Chiropractic Care

At every age, your body is continuously changing. Nutrients from your food support every system in your body, and chiropractic care ensures that your body performs as needed each day. Dr. Hunnicutt and Dr. Jones recommend nutritional planning as part of a comprehensive plan to support your bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues.

Nutrition planning is a valuable part of caring for your health and well-being. Learn more by scheduling an appointment at Restore Chiropractic Roswell with Dr. Hunnicutt or Dr. Jones at our office in Roswell, GA. Call us today at (770) 993-0040.

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