Jusuru Life Blend™

Overview - Capabilities of Jusuru

Improve joint health
Smoother skin
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health

What is Jusuru?

Jusuru Life Blend is a first-of-its-kind formulation of natural ingredients that improves join health and smooths skin.

Every dose benefits the body both inside and out, thanks to Jusuru's combination of BioCell Collagen™, resveratrol, and antioxidants derived from 13 superfruits, including açaí berry, mangosteen, and goji berry.

Jusuru replenishes vital components of cartilage in the most common joints in the body, providing the building blocks your joints need. Healthy joints enable you to enjoy a higher quality of life as you grow older. With just 2 ounces of Jusuru twice daily, a healthy, active, and beautiful life begins from within!

About BioCell Collagen™

Biocell Collagen is Jusuru's all-natural, multi-patented joint and skin health ingredient. It contains a matrix of beneficial properties, including:

The most abundant protein found in the body.
Hydrolyzed collagen provides the structural framework of connective tissues to keep your joints active and fluid.
The amazing shock-absorbing properties of cartilage.
A naturally occurring element of joint cartilage and the dermis, depolymerized chondroitin sulfate makes joint cartilage strong.
Lubrication for your joints.
Thanks to a patented process, Hyaluronic Acid becomes a highly bioavailable molecule, adding moisture back to your body.
How Does Biocell Collagen Work?

Produced by a patented Bio-Optimized™ process that ensures rapid absorption and higher bioavailability, BioCell Collagen supplies the molecules in the cartilage between you joints in the same proportions used in the joints themselves - but in a form that your body can more easily replenish and rebuild.

Resveratrol and Antioxidants

Jusuru Life Blend contains other key ingredients that work to improve your joins. 

The secret behind the "French Paradox," resveratrol comes from the skin of red grapes, and has been shown to be on of the reasons why the french age gracefully and live healthy lives.
Found in many of the 13 superfruits in Jusuru Life Blend, antioxidants deliver optimal health by neutralizing the free radicals that cause cell damage. Antioxidants begin the chain reaction toward cell repair and rejuvination.
Healthy Joints... and More!

Feel great, look great! Jusuru addresses more than just your joints.

Smoother skin.
When Jusuru was first developed for joint health, users immediately noticed a side benefit: their skin looked wonderful. Clinical trials on Jusuru Life Blend and its ingredients have shown that drinking Jusuru results in significantly improved hydration and fewer wrinkles.
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health.

When skin ages, the cells responsible for generating and maintaining the dermal matrix become less effective in sustaining their structure. Jusuru supplies ingredients rich in phytochemical compounds to fortify both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory systems.

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